2024-01-16T21:05:56 Status: #blog Tags: #altova #mobiletogether #mqtt #iot #industrial #automation Links: [[Altova]] | [[MobileTogether]] | [[Enterprise Solutions]] | [[Mobile App Development]] | [[IOT]] | [[Industrial Automation]] | [[MQTT]] # MQTT App Development ![[MQTT.png]] ## Introducing Enhanced MQTT Support with MobileTogether MobileTogether has stepped up its game by integrating comprehensive MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) support, empowering developers to [craft MQTT-enabled applications](https://www.altova.com/blog/build-an-mqtt-enabled-app/) with its efficient, low-code platform. This move significantly broadens the scope for creating a variety of IoT automation applications, from smart office solutions to large-scale industrial automation. ### Why MQTT Matters? MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol, and mostly used for connecting smart devices across numerous scenarios including industrial automation, smart offices, smart cities, and smart homes. It employs a broker-mediated subscribe/publish architecture, facilitating seamless integration and control of IoT devices from various manufacturers. Now, with MobileTogether, creating apps that can publish, subscribe, or both within an MQTT network is simpler than ever. ### A real-world MQTT app example So let's look at a real world MQTT example using some smart home devices for illustration purposes. I needed to switch some of our lights in the ski house to LED lighting anyway, so I went with [Duo smart lightbulbs](https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-duo) from [Shelly.com](https://www.shelly.com/) and also a [smart thermostat](https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-plus-h-and-t) from them. Then I installed an [Eclipse Mosquitto](https://mosquitto.org/) server on my Windows PC to act as MQTT broker, and once I had configured all the smart devices to talk to the MQTT server, I was ready to build my MQTT app to control all devices and monitor the temperature and humidity: ![](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9upPKY2qrQ) ### What’s New for UX Design and Developer Productivity? MobileTogether’s latest release doesn’t just stop at MQTT. It also introduces significant UX enhancements and developer tools: - **UX Enhancements**: Enjoy additional gesture support for interactive table rows, client-side chart rendering for faster, smoother visuals, more button icon options for familiar functions, and expanded support for drawing barcodes and QR codes directly within apps. - **Developer Tools**: Dark and light modes for MobileTogether Designer, real-time page source tree editing during simulations, native MySQL and MariaDB support for streamlined database connections, and the ability to use solution aliases on the server for versatile app testing and deployment. ## Get Started with MobileTogether All these features are part of MobileTogether 9.x, aimed at boosting developer productivity and enhancing app user experiences across various devices and operating systems. The MobileTogether Designer is free to download and use. Whether you’re building smart city solutions, smart office applications, or extensive industrial automation, MobileTogether’s enhanced MQTT support and latest development tools provide the comprehensive, low-code platform you need. --- # References * https://www.altova.com/blog/build-an-mqtt-enabled-app/ * https://www.altova.com/blog/new-mobiletogether-9-0/ * https://www.altova.com/mobiletogether/mqtt-app-development * [[Tools for Solution Providers]] * [[MobileTogether]]