2024-02-07T14:29:24 Status: #blog Tags: #altova #ai #database #mobiletogether #recordsmanager #chatgpt Links: [[Altova]] | [[AI]] | [[MobileTogether]] | [[Enterprise Solutions]] | [[Mobile App Development]] | [[Database]] | [[RecordsManager]] | [[ChatGPT]] # Creating a complete database solution from a single AI prompt ![[RM3_1_blog.png]] With the new version 3.1 of [Altova RecordsManager](https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager) you can now create a complete database solution - with multiple linked tables, list views, detail views, reports, and example data - from just a single AI prompt written in plain English. Watch this quick demo video on YouTube (1:25) to see it in action: ![](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgkHegixrpw) Then try it yourself in this cloud-based demo: https://recordsmanager.ai.altova.com/ ## Features - Describe your database solution in plain English (or any other common language that ChatGPT understands) and get a fully-featured database solution, including tables, views, reports, and sample data - Modify the existing database structure with additional follow-up AI prompts - Or modify the tables, views, and reports at will with an easy-to-use no-code interface - The resulting database solution can be used via desktop or mobile apps, as well as through a browser interface - Deployment can be done on-premises or in-cloud ## Architecture [Altova RecordsManager](https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager) is built on top of the [Altova MobileTogether](https://recordsmanager.ai.altova.com/) platform for low-code mobile app and enterprise solution development, and for the AI functionality we're utilizing the OpenAI API to access their latest GPT-4 model, then post-processing the results from the AI to build the actual database structure, views, reports, etc. To use RecordsManager you can deploy [MobileTogether Server](https://www.altova.com/mobiletogether-server) on-premises in your own IT infrastructure, in a private or public cloud environment (AWS, Azure, etc.), or you can use it in the [Altova.cloud](https://altova.cloud/). ## Try it now - Try the online cloud-based demo: https://recordsmanager.ai.altova.com/ - Download MobileTogether Designer and try it on your own computer (requires your own OpenAI API Key): https://www.altova.com/mobiletogether/download --- # References - https://recordsmanager.ai.altova.com/ - https://www.altova.com/blog/ai-tools-for-instant-app-creation/ - https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager/ai - https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager - https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager/demos#ai - https://www.altova.com/blog/category/ai/ - [[RecordsManager]] - [[MobileTogether]] - [[Setting up a Reverse Proxy for a MobileTogether Server Solution]] - [[Tools for Solution Providers]]