2024-02-23T20:47:43 Status: #blog Tags: #altova #society #technology #xmlspy #nasa #spacex #archmission Links: [[Altova]] | [[Society]] | [[Technology]] | [[XMLSpy]] | [[NASA]] | [[SpaceX]] | [[Arch Mission]] # XMLSpy on the moon This week, the US returned to the moon after 50+ years with the IM-1 mission, and it was done with NASA relying on private enterprises - [SpaceX](https://www.spacex.com/) for the launch and [Intuitive Machines](http://www.inuitivemachines.com/) for the Nova-C lander Odysseus - that this return to the lunar surface was achieved. Here is a tweet with a photo of Schomberger crater sent back by the Odysseus lunar lander 10km above the target landing site: ![](https://twitter.com/Int_Machines/status/1761170012847456573?s=20) The company initially announced a successful soft landing. However, we now know that the Odysseus moon lander apparently came down a bit faster than intended (about 6 m/s vertical velocity and 2 m/s lateral velocity) and caught a landing leg on a rock, which caused it to tip over, as was announced in a press conference today: ![](https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1761159992302817293?s=20) But the lander appears to be otherwise intact and transmitting some limited amount of data to Earth, so there is hope that some of the science instruments onboard can still be used... And it should be said that autonomously landing a rocket upright is truly a difficult endeavor. It took SpaceX a long time and a series of "rapid unscheduled disassembly" cases before they were able to repeatedly and reliably land their Falcon 9 boosters in such spectacular fashion: ![](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrP3jHuLQ9o) So, back to the moon lander story: on board the Odysseys lander is the [Lunaprise](https://www.theartofori.com/wp-content/uploads/gll.space/Lunaprise_Mission_Fact_Sheet.pdf) payload from [Galactic Legacy Labs](http://www.gll.space/), which contains the [Arch Mission Foundation](https://www.archmission.org/)'s [Lunar Library](https://www.archmission.org/galactic-legacy-archive): ![[ArchMissionLM-1.jpg]] And inside that Lunar Library is not just the entire Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, the Long Now Foundation's Rosetta Project, and the secrets to all of David Copperfield's greatest illusions. There is also the Arch Mission Vaults, which contains private collections from advisors and partners. And inside that vault are some of the files I contributed to the library, including the installer for [[XMLSpy]] version 1.3 from 1999: ![[XMLSpy 1.3 Splash Screen.png]] So, we can now say without any doubt, that [[XMLSpy]] is the only [XML Editor](https://www.altova.com/xmlspy-xml-editor) on the moon (even if it may be positioned sideways)... --- # References - https://medium.com/@novaspivack/third-times-a-charm-lunar-library-successfully-lands-on-the-moon-backup-of-human-civilization-0d469024aa72 - https://www.archmission.org/galactic-legacy-archive - https://gll.space/#time-capsule - https://www.intuitivemachines.com/im-1