2024-02-08T15:31:24 Status: #moc Tags: #altova Links: [[home]] | [[Software Development]] | [[Technology]] | [[Standards]] # Altova Altova is a software company offering specialized tools for both developers and business users. For technical users, Altova offers a complete line of [desktop developer software](https://www.altova.com/software-and-app-development) for [[XML]], [[JSON]], [[SQL]], and [[UML]]; high-performance [workflow automation server products](https://www.altova.com/server-software); and a [cross-platform mobile and enterprise app development](https://www.altova.com/mobiletogether) framework. For business users, Altova offers a unique set of [cloud-based, SaaS solutions](https://www.altova.com/cloud-solutions) that make it easy to meet complex legal, financial, and regulatory reporting and management requirements. The creator of [[XMLSpy]], [[MapForce]], and other award-winning products, Altova is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in [[XML]] and [[JSON]] development tools. With over 5.6 million users worldwide, including 91% of Fortune 500 organizations, Altova is honored to serve clients from small and medium-sized businesses to the world’s largest organizations. ## Our Mission At Altova, our mission is to deliver **standards-based, platform-independent software tools** that *empower our customers to create, access, edit, and transform information resources*. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use by our customers in real-world scenarios. ## History and Connections I founded Altova in 1992 together with two business partners, and the three of us are still running the business today. As a result of our deep experience and continued involvement with emerging standards, which enabled us to stay at the cutting edge of software development trends all this time, we are deeply connected to all relevant technologies in today's world: ![[Obsidian-Global-Graph.png]] ## Products Altova's line of products includes the following developer tools and regulatory solutions: - [[DatabaseSpy]] - [[DiffDog]] - [[MapForce]] - [[MissionKit]] - [[MobileTogether]] - [[RecordsManager]] - [[StyleVision]] - [[UModel]] - [[XMLSpy]] ## Technologies - [[AI]] - [[Database]] - [[Enterprise Solutions]] - [[ETL]] - [[Mobile App Development]] - [[Software Development]] ## Standards - [[JSON]] - [[Markdown]] - [[SQL]] - [[UML]] - [[XBRL]] - [[XML]] - [[XML Schema]] - [[XPath]] - [[XQuery]] - [[XSLT]] - [[YAML]] ## Tags - #altova - #databasespy - #diffdog - #mapforce - #missionkit - #mobiletogether - #recordsmanager - #stylevision - #umodel - #xmlspy --- ## References - https://www.altova.com/